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Visibility and Security All in One With Perforated Shutters

Perforated shutters are a great solution for retailers because they provide security to closed shops, and also allow customers to see inside the store when the area is backlit – proving both security and advertising!

To get the results you want, our team will walk you through the different types of perforated metal available for rolling shutters and explain how pin hole sizes affect the amount visibility and light let through the metal. For example, the larger the holes the more visibility there is and the more light there is.

Perforated shutters are made from steel or aluminium in a wide range of attractive finishes and colours to match your existing building design.

Direct Shopront, a leading installer of perforated rolling shutters in London has the perfect solution for all shutter applications. Contact us for a free quote and consultation, our team of expert technicians have all the answers you need!

Benefits of Perforated Metal Shutters

Perforated metal shutters are an elegant and highly functional way to control light flow — especially in industrial and commercial applications. They are lightweight and durable which make them highly resistant to wear and tear.

Perforated shopfront shutters have been the go-to solution for light control for many commercial spaces, here are a few of the benefits of using perforated rolling shutters:


Sleek and reflective perforated (pin hole) metal shutters are an attractive solution to give interiors a good amount of natural light and security at the same time


Perforated rolling shutters are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and are also very low-maintenance and durable.


The mechanism used to raise and lower the shutters works smoothly and efficiently to make it easy to position shutters.

Custom made

Customers can choose from custom colours to match the existing facade and add graphics to increase brand recognition when shutters are closed.

Why choose Direct Shopfront Ltd?

Our extensive knowledge in quick fit-outs guarantees the creation of a polished and fashionable shopfront to draw in new clients.
Affordable, fair prices for superior service & products.
We complete projects as promised.
24/7 emergency repair service.
A professional team at your disposal from start to finish.

Contact us today for a free quote

Direct ShopFront provide a choice of attractive, practical, and long-lasting entry solutions for the front of your business, such as modern doors that draw attention, fashionable roller shutters for your store, and branded shopfronts in aluminum, timber, or steel.

UK-Based Aluminium Shop Front manufacturers

Our UK-based manufacturing plant has been building high quality shop fronts for the British high street for over 25 years. We are a CHAS Approved Contractor, with work inspected and approved to a British Standard level. From fabrication and powder coating through to installation and glazing, finishing with locks and handles, every step of the process meets the highest standards for insurance and legal peace of mind. Every project is built to specification, and can be customised from start to finish.
Whether you want to choose a specific brand colour for your powder coating, need a certain specification of glass, or want to install matching roller shutters for security – each element is bespoke, high quality, and comes with a price guarantee. We have built an expert team over the course of decades, and now serve the whole of the UK with our high quality aluminium shop fronts from our East London roots.
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